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       Phos2light Company implements the idea of having beautiful glowing trees come into practice. We provide phosphorescence infusion services into trees allowing the trees to convey its energy source for later uses in the nighttime. Our main component consists of phosphorescence fluids and the practical interjection will be made through syringes. To ensure the technical safety and efficiency of the procedure we will send our specialist to facilitate on-site services. This service model aims to promote great social impression and spread the idea of energy conservation, minimizing electricity usages as well as lowering expenses of the users.


About us

     We are Phos2Light, a company that offer infusion services into trees to conserve energy We are Phos2Light, a company which provides phosphorescence infusion services into trees that enable the trees to use its own energy source then reuse the energy to glow at night, lighting up its surrounding at the same time. Our company aims to reduce energy consumption by making maximum use of natural resources for instance, trees. Moreover, the reduction will also largely contribute to lowering electricity expenses. We hope to further expand our business scale in order to implement an environmental friendly solution in reducing carbon footprints with our very own, Phos2Light.

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Tel: +88512349604


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Live green, Life beautiful

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Tell: +88512349604


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Russian Confederation Blvd., Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodiau

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